Gasparini Sales
Food Service Specialties

Magic Seasonings Chef Paul Prudhomme

Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Seasoning Blends® has been in business since 1983, when customers from his New Orleans-based K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen restaurant began asking to take home the chef’s unique seasonings. Magic Seasoning Blends also features Chef Paul’s bottled sauces and FC Anduille.

Lotito Foods - Norseland

The newest addition to the Norseland Family is the Lotito family of Italian Street Foods. Imported directly for their traditional origins of Naples (Calzoncelli), Sicily (Arancini), and Roma (Stuffed Zucchini Flowers & Suppli filled Croquettes).

McCain Foods Deli

Deli/Carry out potato and snack specialties. French fries, potato logs, twice baked potatoes and an extensive line of Appetizers. Frozen Side dishes.

Old Fashioned Kitchens

Deli and food services. Blintzes and potato pancakes and pierogies.

Sandridge Salads

Sandridge Foods Soups Salads Meals

Our kitchens specialize in meeting the shifting demands of the dining public with fresh, hand-prepared foods for all budgets and tastes, from simple to sophisticated. Extensive line of Salads, Center of the Plate, side dishes, and Soups. Outstanding recipes for Meal Planning./p>

Sara Lee/Hillshire

Jimmy Dean, Chef Pierre and other brands perfect for Store/deli take out and meal solutions.

Van’s Kitchen

As a family-owned and operated company, their focus has always been on making one thing – honest food the honorable way. They take this responsibility very seriously ― always striving to nourish and care for their customers, employees and communities with authenticity and integrity. Fresh Vegetables are delivered the day they are to be used for our premium Eggrolls.