Gasparini Sales
Bakery Products

Achatz Pies

Our mission is to find the best and healthiest products for you and the planet: fruits, sugar, milk, butter, flour, etc. Our customers value and love our pies because  of the freshness and high quality. The ingredients we bring into our Bake House are free of toxic agro-chemicals, raised humanely and respectfully, and the farmers we work with are faithful stewards, rebuilding and regenerating the soil, which contributes to clean water and air for the sustainability of our planet.

Aphrodite Devine Confections

Aphrodite produces Place & Bake products including Gourmet frozen cookie dough, Filled Frozen Cookie Dough, Togas filled Pastries, Dessert Bars and Squeeze & Bake Batter. We at Aphrodite Divine Confections promise to use only fresh, top-of-the-line ingredients. We promise never to use preservatives or chemical-tasting additives. Our products will never have a false or store-bought taste.

Beatrice Bakers

Our bakers handcraft our Fruit and Dessert Cakes using the finest ingredients. From the mixing room to the oven, our cakes are designed by hand.

Corso Cookies

Adorably decorated and irresistibly delicious, Corso’s famous decorated sugar cookies, are sure to make a big impression in your department or special event. These buttery sugar cookies are baked from scratch and decorated with a delicious vanilla royal icing.

Cookies United

Bakery Fresh Gourmet Cookies; Holiday and Seasonal Varieties Petit Fours, Sugar Cookies, Traditionally Italian Cookies & Biscotti, and Sugar Free Cookies.

Damascus Bakeries

Damascus Bakeries

Damascus Bakeries first opened its doors in 1930 by our grandfather. The bakery, nestled in the heart of a Middle Eastern community in downtown Brooklyn, was named after Grandfather’s childhood home in Syria. Offering Syrian bread (Pita bread), Wraps and Panini.

Golden Cannoli

Golden Cannoli

In 1970, Francesco Bono and Angelo Bresciani were running two Italian bakeries and selling their cannoli to other local bakeries and restaurants. The demand for their cannoli shells was so great that they started Golden Cannoli™ Shells Company. Forty years later, every cannoli is still hand-rolled and nationwide foodservice providers have come to know golden cannoli as the premium cannoli shell and premium filling.

Gonella Bakeries

Gonella Bakeries

At Gonnella, the fine art of baking bread has remained our passion for over 125 years. Using premier ingredients, innovative techniques and old world recipes handed down throughout the generations, Gonnella bakers create fresh baked breads unrivaled in quality and consistency.

Hanan Products

Hanan’s Clean label, 100% all natural All Natural Whipped Toppings & Icings products. Available in dairy and non-dairy.

Jacqueline's Gourmet Cookies

Every expectation, every standard for excellence, each desire for delicious taste is surpassed by the superb bakery selections from Jacqualine's Gourmet Cookies. Also featured are Rustic Scones, Filled Cookies, Biscuits and Hermit bars.

Joey's Fine Food

Offering a quality line of Individual, bulk and tray packed Bakery items. Featuring 1/2 Moon Cookies, Linzers, Cake Slices and Italian Cookies.

Lesaffre Yeast

World's largest Yeast company; Red Star and SAF brands; baking supplies, baking powder, Super Bee honey, Mlk Milk Replacet (Dry milk), Pizzability New Dough Conditioner.

Love & Quiches

Love & Quiches Gourmet is a food service & restaurant dessert manufacturer that provides decadent desserts baked from scratch, just like they would have been made in Susan’s kitchen back in 1973.

Rise Baking

We’ve created an innovative way to maximize that freshly-baked bread experience with minimal effort and waste. Par baked specialties and full baked options. Cookies, Krispy Treats and Breads.

Taste It Presents

Welcome To the best desserts in the Business.  At Taste It Presents, our hand-crafted, gourmet desserts are sensitively prepared and created using only the world’s finest ingredients – offering an unparalleled experience worthy of top pastry chefs. Included are Authentic Tiramisu, Lemoncello Mascarpone Cakes, Canolli, Mousse Cakes and Crème Brulee