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Alouette Cheese

Alouette Cheese

A leading Retail and Deli brand in the Premium Spreadable Cheese category in the US, and the recipient of numerous flavor awards. Also a leader in Baby Brie, Chevrie Goat’s Milk Cheese, and Cheddar spreads. Deli/Dairy/Food Service

Alouette Cheese


Alouette Foodservice

provides world-class specialty dairy products that deliver quality, consistency and broad application variety….including Goat Cheese (logs, spreads & Crumbles), Award Winning Brie, Garlic & Herb Spread, and Smithfield Cream Cheese. Our products are crafted according to the highest standards to enhance any menu.

Ambriola Company

Locatelli, Auricchio and Italian Romano, Provolone and Parmesan (Reggiano and Grana)

Associated Milk Products

American cheese and Cheddar varieties. State brand American cheese and WI Cheddar. Aseptic and #10 cheese sauces and puddings.

MDS Foods/Brewster

Largest American Swiss cheese manufacturer; Amish Classic Mini Long Horn cheeses. Deli made E-Z opportunities

Burnett Dairy-Klensch Cheese

Premium Wisconsin Mozzarella and Provolone. World Champion Cheese Maker Limburger and other fine Wisconsin cheeses.

Dairy Farmers of America

Food Service Mozzarella and Provolone. Custom shredded blend (Cheddar, Colby, Jack etc.), Mid America Brand American cheese.

DCI Cheese

DCI Specialty / Saputo

Imported and Domestic Deli Cheese; Havarti, Brie, Goat Cheese, Edam and Gouda, Fresh-Cut & Wrap Cheeses…. Whether you’re looking for a fine aged Cheddar or a stinky favorite like Liederkranz or brick cheese, we’ve got you covered.

Euphrates Cheese

Authentic and traditional Greek style Feta. Premium quality, made in New York state.

Formaggio Cheese

Award winning NYS manufacturer of fresh Mozzarella Balls, Logs and Loaves. Also featured salad Toppers, Braids, Braided String and fresh Mozzarella Antipasto Appetizers

Heartland Creamery

Located in rural northeast Missouri our 17,000 acre farm land is home to over 8,500 cows and 2,100 goats. They produce naturally fresh, creamy milk which is made into cheese just down the road in our Creamery. Heartland Creamery was envisioned by businessman and farmer, Charles Sharpe.

Herkimer Food/Ida Mae

Herkimer County New York State Cheddar, Dips, Spreads, Gems, Cheese Balls & Logs. Bulk and retail packs.

Norseland Inc

Noresland began with the Jarlsberg® brand of cheese has been exported to the United States for over 40 years and is America’s #1 selling brand of specialty cheese. Claiming the highest awareness among U.S. consumers over any other imported cheese in the U.S.   Norseland expanded its original mission to create a product range of unique specialty cheese brands which are the leaders in their categories.  Among their premium offerings, Norseland represents the García Baquero Spanish cheeses, Old Amsterdam aged gouda, and Gabriella & Suprema Italian cheese line.

Roth Kase USA

Premium line of Wisconsin cheeses: Sole Hispanic, Dessert cheese balls, Buttermilk Blue, Mezzaluna Gorgonzola, and Grand Cru.

Saputo/Stella Cheese

Lorraine and America's premier Italian style cheeses (Deli) since 1923. Provolone and Italian cut & wrap.

Sugar Brook Cheese

Dessert and Traditional Cheese Balls. Stuffed Peppadews Award Winning Deli Cheeses

Yancey's Fancy Cheese

New York state's award winning cheese maker; European and World Class Domestic styles; Cheese Curds, High profile flavored Natural cheeses, NYS Cheddar.

Wisconsin Cheese

Hundreds of familiar and unique artisanal cheeses and dairy products made in Wisconsin.


A leader in quality imported and domestic cheeses, including Feta, Juusto, Goat Cheese, Yogurt Cheese and Maple Leaf Cheese (Aged Cheddar with Apple/Cinnamon, Blueberries, Cranberries).